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Sailing training with Smart Sailing Academy:

  • Learn sailing at sea by sailing around magnificent South Aegean bays and Greek Islands;
  • IYT certified and experienced instructors;
  • Get internationally valid license which is accepted by charter companies and many countries;
  • Sail with comfortable, modern and luxorious sailing boats;
  • Holiday with Unforgetable experience and full of activities!!

Join our specialized sail training program and get your IYT Bareboat and ICC License in only two weeks while sailing amongst the beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea! We offer courses year-round, so just choose the date that fits you and participate in one of our MCA-approved training voyages. We offer quality sailing education and constant supervision by our highly trained instructors, who are always ready to answer your questions or offer advice. Upon completion of the course and a successful exam result, you will be presented with a MCA-approved IYT certificate. This IYT certificate will enable you to skipper a sailing yacht in almost any part of the world, since IYT is recognized by over 40 countries. This means you can confidently and safely charter/buy a sailing yacht almost anywhere you want!


The ICC is a certified level of competency required when operating pleasure craft in most European Coastal or Inland waters. Although ICC is valid in any country that signed the agreement, many other countries that did not sign may also require this certificate. If a boat owner requires evidence of competence when visiting another European country the ICC will frequently suffice. It can also be useful for people wishing to charter a yacht. IYT Worldwide has been approved by the Irish Government to issue ICC Licenses to qualified applicants of any nationality on their behalf. IYT Worldwide has also had approval from the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency of Great Britain) for many years to issue ICC Licenses. ICC Licenses have endorsements such as: Power, Sail, Coastal (Offshore), Inland (CEVNI) and Personal Water Craft (PWC). Please check  this note  whether you are eligible to get ICC or not





A typical training course starts from Marmaris/Rhodes and follows the route you have chosen. Theory courses and the practical training is given while you live on the sailing yacht, 24 hours a day. Along the route, we can anchor near idyllic islands or in a secret cove, as you dive into the aquamarine beauty of the sea. Behold spectacular sunsets as you dine on local delicacies, fall asleep under the star-studded sky and find true peace of mind... Explore historical sites; let your eyes feast upon the plethora of sea-life, live a life you could have only have read about before! After you have returned to your normal life, all of this might seem like a dream to you, but that IYT certificate will prove that dreams do come true… Arrival and departure to the sailing yacht is on Saturdays. You can select a route in the  Routes section. You can browse through our timetable in the Schedule section and decide on when to join. If you join as a group or if all the participants of that week agree, we can change our route. Commonly asked questions are answered in the F.A.Q. section and we are always happy to respond to your inquires in person.


  • You will stay on board the yacht for 14 nights in a typical two week program
  • Our sailing yachts have 4 cabins plus an additional skippers’ cabin..
  • We train a maximum of 6 people on one yacht or a maximum of 8 (with guests)
  • We provide bed sheets, pillow covers and a towel for each person


  • The crew of each sailing yacht will make a collective shopping and share costs equally. We can provide a suggested shopping list. People can decide on whether to cook on board or enjoy local delicacies in seaside restaurants. The Skipper/Instructor is fed at the crews’ expense.


  • We stop in a different bay or island for each night. Our routes are published yearly and they will be either along the Turkish coast or Greek Islands depending on the particular week(s). You can browse through our routes here:( Program   )
  • In the morning, an optional tour/trek will be organized by the Skipper at 8:00 AM to visit a historical site or just enjoy nature. Theory is taught after breakfast (10:00-12:00)
  • In our region, the wind usually picks up at around 12:00 PM, so we depart for our next location at around noon.
  • After arrival to our destination (16:00-18:00), people will have free time until dinner. You may choose to swim, rest, study or go for a nature walk.
  • Dinner is held at 19:30 and continues for a few hours as we enjoy the local cuisine and indulge in conversation. After dinner you may participate in playing games (cards, chess, etc.), listening to music or just enjoying nature…


  • Saturday is check-in and meeting day. Our sailing yachts are located in Belediye Marina(Marmaris) or Mandraki Marina(Rhodes) .You can check in anytime after 16:00 and settle on board.
  • Our first briefing is held at approximately 17:00 and then we stock up on provisions. We have our first dinner together in the marina and afterwards people can explore the colorful Marmarisian night life!
  • Sunday is our first day of sailing. We finish last minute shopping and start our voyage around noon.
  • Our sailing tour ends Friday (1 or 2 weeks later); after 16:00. You may leave the yacht or stay one more night to enjoy Marmaris. All Yachts have to be empty by 10:00 on Saturday morning to allow for cleaning and preparation for the next group.

Our yachts are based in Cairos Marina. The nearest airport is Bodrum (36 km + 18nm ferry). Dalaman airport is 160km away and there is a regular shuttle service and private transfers. Izmir Adnan-Menderes airport is 284km away and Antalya airport is 281km away. There are buses and taxis. A transfer service from these airports is also available.


2 weeks sailing training summer season price starts from €1500. IYT Bareboat Skipper license is €200 and ICC is €135. You need to have an VHF licence to be skipper. You can get it prior to this course or from other sources or You can get it during the course (tour) from us.
Please check out our complete price list 
Please check  this note  whether you are eligible to get ICC or not





Call Tansel +90 (541) 456-1366 or Wesley +90 (539) 308-5771. You can email us info@smartsailing.org or  make a self-reservation via our online  reservation  
We require 25% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive a confirmation form after your payment.

Marmaris +90(541) 4561366 Tansel Whatsapp Marmaris +90 (542) 308 5771 Wesley

Price Includes:






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