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We invite you to join Gocek - Fethiye Gulf, Kas, Kalkan sailing training tour and explore the natural beauty of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea ; swim on pristine white beaches, stroll through unspoilt villages, explore perfectly preserved historic ruins...what are you waiting for? Come join us on Gocek tour and immerse yourself in the relaxing Aegean culture, witness the countless hues of blue and green, as the sea, sky and land merge into a breathtakingly beautiful visualization of the surrounding natural environment. Let all your worries be washed away by the gentle swell and all your frustrations whisked away by the lazy breeze. Start every day with absolute peace, as you awaken to the hypnotic lapping of waves upon the hull and dive into the crystal clear sea.
The shoreline of the Fethiye gulf is dotted with hundreds of bays, coves and harbours; making it a truly unique place to visit. This allows us to visit a different bay every evening, taking in the breath-taking scenery and relaxing in tranquil fjords.
Vacation aboard our IYT-certified training yachts, all the while learning the art of sailing and forging an unforgettable vacation experience. Once you successfully complete the training course, you will be awarded with an IYT certificate that will allow you to charter a yacht anywhere in the world. You can view the various IYT certificates we offer on our IYT License page.

Two weeks of sail training, trip to Gocek/Fethiye - 1200 Euros. Bareboat Skipper License is an additional 200 Euros.

You can call Tansel +90(541) 4561366 or Ivan +90(507)4214469, You can email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  make a self-reservation from our web  reservation 
We require a 25% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. You will receive an confirmation form after your payment.


Day 1 Marmaris
Our yachts are based in Beledediye Marina (located on the promenade). Arrive to the yacht and spend the night aboard in the Marina. You can also use the opportunity to do some shopping in the marina and stock up for your sailing trip. 
Day 2 Marmaris - Ekincik
Sunday: After breakfast, we conduct a group shopping. As soon as everything is ready, we depart from Marmaris. Our first stop is Ekincik, a Turkish seaside utopia.  A magical place where mountain, sea and forest meet. Hikers will love the panoramic views; divers will be fascinated by the abundance of marine life and sailors will appreciate the sheltered coves. Well-known people have often been spotted relaxing at this seaside paradise, including Sting, Dustin Hoffman, Princess Caroline and Princess Margaret, among others! 
Day 3 Ekincik - Gobun (Gocek gulf) 
Today is really scenic and interesting passage. We pass by Iztuzu beach, Dalyan, Sarıgerme and the Dalaman shore. Then we will arrive to the vast Gocek Gulf, after passing though a narrow strait. The bustling port of Göcek, the untouched rural mountain villages above Göcek – with superb walking trails, the nature reserves, historic ruins and fabulous beaches of the Dalian Delta: all provide a taste of the uniqueness of Turkey. This region is the heart of ancient Lycia and host to a number of historic sites amongst which Kadyanda, Kaunos, Tlos, Pinara, Letoon, Xanthos and Patara are particularly noteworthy. Wonderful experiences can be had by simply meandering along the myriad of mountain roads, heading nowhere in particular, just soaking in the astounding scenery and happening across villages where time appears to have stood still. Dramatic mountains, stunning beaches, cosmopolitan ports, rustic villages and the wonderful islands of the gulf all combine to provide a snapshot of the diversity that makes Turkey and in particular the Lycian Coast so special.  The ambience is relaxed and unspoilt without a hint of mass-market tourism, as Göcek has always catered for the independent visitor and, thankfully, its services are designed with a view to quality not quantity. Our first stop is Gobun Bay.  The entrance of the bay is very narrow, but once inside you will find a long bay surrounded by olive and pine trees. At the far end of the bay you will find some rock cut tombs and ruins.
Day 4 Gobun - Sarsala or Tasyaka
We start our 3rd leg at around noon, sailing around the bays and capes of Gocek. We will make couple of swimming breaks and our final destination will be Hamam, Sarsala or Tasyaka Bay, depending on anchorage space. Tasyaka: attractions around the bay are a cold fresh water spring, a pebble beach decorated with oleanders, a fish drawing painted by Bedri Rahmi and a kite mosaic made by artist Azra Erhat. You will also notice rock cut tombs on the north side. There is also a fresh cold spring running into the bay, which is covered by a concrete like pool figure. The pool calls you on the hot days. The people who are willing to find the path that leads up the mountain, will reach Kilisebelen village, after a half-hour walk. There are several houses in this village and the magnificent views make the trek well worthwhile. You can observe the Dalaman plains, Dalaman airport, Kocagöl and Baba island. Sarsala:  an attractive bay with a long stony beach, a wooded valley that extends inland, surrounded by pine-covered mountains. You can explore the Lycian ruins if you walk towards Taşyaka Bay. Hamam:  One of the favorite bays of Gocek. There is a semi-submerged Byzantine church in the bay. You can also enjoy a nature walk in the forest with the promise of breathtaking views. If you are confident, then you can trek towards Yavansu and reach the ruined ancient city of Lydae.
Day 5 Gocek – Fethiye
This leg will be another scenic trip. Firstly, we will visit the town of Gocek, afterwards we set sail to Fethiye: passing Kargi, Katranci, Tavsan island and Kizilada. We will enter the gulf of Fethiye between Sovalye Island and Letonia Village. The bustling harbour and market town of Fethiye is in the south-eastern corner of the Gulf. It is a major commercial centre for the region and provides some fascinating sights and sounds. Fethiye retains a decidedly Turkish feel. Exploring the warren of shop-lined streets in the old quarter is a fascinating experience. Restaurants are abundant, and the authentic feel of Turkish life permeates the whole area, giving a real insight into town life in Turkey. 
Day 6 Fethiye – Gemiler Islands
After we leave the Gulf of Gocek behind us, we reach the Island of Ships, which is opposite a small inlet. The space between the island and the shore is a natural shelter for yachts. The island is rife in historical works of art and the church of St. Nicholas is located here, giving the island its other name, the Island of St.Nicholas. Although it has been recently suggested that the tomb of St.Nicholas might have been here, the accepted fact is that the tomb is in Myra. Surveys made by a Japanese team in 1990, located 11 churches in the area. Four of these are on Gemiler island, one of them is on Karacaören Island, while the others are near the village of Oludeniz and Karaören. Gemiler Island and its surrounding area, is seen as an important center for Christianity. The island is mostly rocky, therefore the churches are carved into stone and the ruins continue straight into the sea. 
Day 8 Gemiler Islands – Kalkan
Departure is early again for this leg. We will pass by the world-famous Oludeniz. After leaving the Belcegiz Gulf, we will sail past the high and bold capes of Yedi Burunlar ("Seven Capes"), which have a nasty reputation for aggressive winds and confused seas. Once past them, we sail past an expansive sandy beach, whose dunes with every passing day engulf a little bit more of the ancient city of Patara, which awaits the day when archaeologist’s shovels will free it of the sands. Before we reach Kalkan there is another harbor called Yesilkoy, here yachts can find shelter. Kalkan is an important port in the area, from which one may visit the surrounding ancient sites and also stock up on whatever provisions one may require. Kalkan has grown over the past few years, albeit with predominantly private villas being authorized outside the periphery of the old village. Kalkan’s many official ‘Green Areas’ are being carefully preserved.
Day 9 Kalkan – Kas
We will have relatively short trip today. One of the most beautiful ports during this tour is Kas and one may linger here for a long time. The town is located on the site of ancient Antiphellos, whose well preserved theater may be visited today. Ancient sarcophagi lie scattered about and there are numerous Lycian rock tombs in the cliffs. It is a beatifull town with an ambiance of its own. It is hard to just have to feel it for yourself!
Day 10 Kas - Soguksu
Our return will start with this leg. It is the longest and hardest passage. We will sail to Soguksu, near Gemiler Island. These two bays are situated close to each other, offering a safe place to anchor. There is a cold, underwater fresh water spring in one of the bays.
Day 11 Soguksu – Aga Limanı (Gocek) 
This leg will be relatively shorter. We will sail to the outer part of the Gocek Gulf, anchoring in a bay called Aga Limani. 
Day 12 Aga Limanı – Ekincik
Another short passage finds us back in Ekincik, which we visited ten days ago. Here we can rest and enjoy the crystal clear water.
Day 13 Ekincik - Marmaris
After a very early start, we set sail back to Marmaris
TOTAL 310nm

  • hamam
  • gocek
  • kas2
  • kalkan
  • kas
  • hamam
  • gocek
  • kas2
  • kalkan
  • kas


  • You will stay in sailing boat 14 nights in 2 weeks program
  • Our boats have 4 cabins and also skipper cabin.
  • We train maximum 6 people in one boat and maximum 8 with guests.
  • We provide bed sheets, pilow cover and towel for every person
  • Crew of each boat make a common shopping and share costs. We provide suggested shopping list. People might cook inside or enjoy local food of a local restaurant in bays. Skippers food are paid jointly.
  • We stop in a different bay or island every evening. Our routes are published yearly and they can be Turkish coast or Greek islands depending on particular week. ( Program   )
  • There is free time till 10:00 for people in training, and till 12:00 for rest. Skipper organize a trek for a historical ruin or nature every morning at 8:00 before breakfast. People might join.
  • In our region Wind usually starts around 12:00, So we start sailing around noon for next location.
  • We arrive to our next destination afternoon - evening. People can enjoy sun, sea and nature, or walk around to explore as their free time.
  • We goto dinner togather every night and enjoy long conversations. After dinner people might choose to do some activities togather like playing games, more conversation or peace of nature.
  • Saturdays are our check-in and meeting day. Our boats are at Netsel Marina C pantoon.You can check in anytime after 16:00 and settle.
  • We make our first briefing after 17:00 and goto shopping. We have our first dinner at marina togather, and then people can explore Marmaris night life.
  • Sundays are our first day of sailing. We finish last minute shoppings and start sailing around noon.
  • Our tours ends Fridays (2 weeks later) after 17:00. You may leave the boat or stay one more night to enjoy Marmaris. Boat have to be empty by 10:00 on Saturday by 10:00 for cleaning.



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