International Yacht Training Worldwide (IYT)

Being the proud owner of an MCA-approved IYT Certificate means : you have achieved the knowledge and ability to use a yacht anywhere in the world, your license will be accepted by many countries, insurance and charter companies; and most of all, will gain the respect of fellow sailors… 

The Yachtmaster license was created in 1971 and since then it has been a trademark for respectable sailors worldwide. MCA recognizes both IYT and RYA as a Yachtmaster school system. Therefore, the Yachtmaster is the most widely known and used sailing license in the world. Some insurance companies even do not insure a yacht without the skipper having an MCA-approved sailing license. The same goes for many charter companies, port authorities and the coast guard. For these reasons, even yacht owners are now obtaining Yachtmaster licenses.  

It is usually difficult to understand a skippers’ knowledge, ability and experience without sailing together but the Yachtmaster license will prove a standard base of nautical knowledge. It is said that  the Yachtmaster License is something that every knowledgeable skipper should have.   

Yachtmaster Ocean
Yachtmaster Coastal
Yachtmaster Offshore
RIB Master & Small Powerboat