International Certificate of Competency

The International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (ICC) for users of pleasure craft was established under resolution No. 40 and No:14 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Inland Water Committee (UN ECE IWC). The aim of the ICC is to provide boat owners and people wishing to charter boats with an internationally recognised document certifying their competence to skipper a boat for recreational use. Although it is known as a European licence, it is accepted or required by many countries who did not sign the agreeement.

ICC s are required for pleasure craft up to 24 meters. IYT courses from Flotilla SKipper and higher are also eligible for ICC. So you can optionally ask for a corresponding ICC licence besides your IYT licence.


Power- for any power driven vessel
Sail - Sailboats with engines will need to have both power and sail endorsements
Coastal - for offshore passages
Inland - for use in the inland waterways of Europe, will need a CEVNI (Inland) endorsement
Personal Water Craft (PWC)


1) Preparation for sea
Checklist and mechanical checks

2) Short Passage
Each candidate executes a short pre-planned passage as skipper
Testing of the following is required:
Coming alongside / berthing / unberthing
Man overboard recovery
360 degree turn
Navigation skills
3 point turn
Handling under sail ( for sail endorsement)
Handling under power ( for power endorsement)

3) Theory test
Collision regulations
Navigation lights
Shapes and sounds
Bouyage (IALA A & B)
Harbour pilotage
VHF Radio
Variation & deviation
Chartwork /symbols & abbreviations
Tides- height of tide and drying height
Basic position fixing
Course to steer to counteract tide or current
Set & drift / leeway
Pilotage- required for coastal knowledge

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