An interesting bay lined with pine trees. It takes opposite wind by land and sea. The wind power was dominant factor in the past years where sail ships could not come into the beach. Ships carried signs of civilization to ports of Olympos, Phaselis, and Antalya. The name of Adrasan comes from Greek and now it is also called Çavuşköy (sergeant village). The beach resting on its back to the Bey Mountains have clean sand and the sea is shallow. It is full of natural beauty without any roads.
Environmental trips for those interested in the ancient city of Olympos, Chimera mythological mountain unquenchable fire, and the nearest travel destinations. Cirali, Kas, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xanthos, Phaselis in Antalya and other places will be visited. Olympos-long visit to the territory of the ancient Lycian era, then you meet the region west of the last port in the Gulf of Antalya. Adrasan bay is an important stopping point for those who are in blue cruise. This place where the wind never haunts even during the winter months is traveler’s coast.
The Genoese Port: The inlet is an ideal place for staying overnight, with the rocks towering up like straight walls on both sides. A small beach leaning against a pine forest is located south of the inlet. You can tie the sailboat by roping at the back, towards the east. In this case, it will be possible to sleep without swaggering during the night.
The height of Eren Tepe (Hill) in the west is 782 m and it towers like a steep wall. The rock in the east also towers, starting right above the sea. You can tie your sailboat to the rocks here. The shrubs growing among steep rocks, add to the beauty of this exquisite inlet.
Although you can drop anchor everywhere in the inlet, the most ideal place of anchorage is the east side. The inlet of Sazan is behind this inlet. These two inlets are back to back. A small inlet located northeast of the Beach of Adrasan is not convenient for anchoring and therefore it is used only as a halting place. The ruins of Olympos, which are very near, can be visited and the Genoese Port provides the possibility of return.
The wide sand beach in front of Olympos is not fit for staying overnight. You can drop anchor in the direction of the river that flows through the ruins of Olympos, visit these interesting ruins and then depart in order to spend the night elsewhere.