Börbüdet is another pristine cove with all kinds of structuring is prohibited in the Gulf of Gokova. There is only one camping and boutique hotel in Amazon, however, they are run by people sensitive to the environment and nature. The name of the area also comes from the sounds of birds since ancient times. Turkish pronunciation "Bird the bed". No deterioration has taken place in the natural structure of this bird choir. There are many paths you can walk along the bay, this natural music accompanies you.
There is a river flowing to sea which you can go with smaller boats. Amazon camping on this river have yachts assistance service. This quiet port at the same time serve as a shelter. River, sea and green forest vegetation meets in this bay. Lots of different species of birds lives and meet the ardent nature of this bay. Away from the noise of the crowd and the traffic, you can return to your own self, literally filled with an artist's inspiration. You could write your own stories, novels and poems, you would compose music inspired by birds' melodies . This bay is a natural wonder and will add you a lot, help you start the life all over again.
Börbüdet,is just like a small Amazon with varieties of birds, animals and plants. This is why many years ago the British gave the name of "Bird the bed". You can have a river canoe or boat ride to river for 500 meters. Rich nature of the region offers breathtaking views of plenty of materials for photographers.