Catı with sea surface like bed sheet is a natural harbor. Blue Cruise boats usually anchored in Çatı. If you tired of swimming you can hike in a pine forest. In order to find this bay, take bearings from the lighthouse on the nose of the Mersincik and enter here. Sea is like a pool with crystal clear water surrounded by pine forests on the southern part of the bay. The color changes in the sunset and sundown is like from a novel to life. It should not be coincidence that many seaman and Fairy legends (tales) took place here. After anchoring you cannot see the entrance of this bay with the slopes covered with pine trees. You wonder about how you have entered this bay like pool. When you look around you feel like as if you came around to one of the secret gardens in the storybooks. At nights, Moonlight plays with the shadows of pine trees on water. There are two bays, Small Çatı and Big Çatı